How ReviewsMANAGER works – in 6 easy steps

Check out our six-step overview of how ReviewsMANAGER provides a simple system for obtaining customer feedback and publishing testimonials on your website: Click to open this booklet in a new window

Facebook Professional Services

How Facebook And Reviews Can Boost Your Business

Lifting your business off of the ground is a key and crucial step to ensuring the success and longevity of your business. But how do you start spreading the word about your business? Having public reviews for your business can … Read More

The Power of Social Proof

The power of ‘Social Proof’

Just what is it about reviews that make them so incredibly influential? If you think back to the last book you bought or restaurant you visited, it’s highly likely that reading what others had said about it influenced your choice … Read More

negative feedback

Dealing with negative feedback

The fear of negative reviews can prevent some businesses from soliciting feedback at all. This ‘head in the sand’ approach is irrational and may actually harm your reputation. If you don’t provide a mechanism for your customers to voice their … Read More

Generating regular, positive reviews is good for business

It shows that 92% of consumers read online business reviews, with 33% of those doing so on a regular basis. This is particularly true for certain types of businesses such as Restaurants, Cafes, Doctors, Dentists, Clothes Shops, Hotels & B&Bs. However, the … Read More


Your most valuable business asset

If you ask any business owner what their most valuable asset is, the answer will be ‘our reputation’. Unfortunately reputation is one of the few business assets not under the complete control of the business owner. Reputation is earned through … Read More

8 reasons why customer feedback matter

8 reasons why customer feedback matters

We all know that reviews are the #1 most impactful form of marketing. What others say about your business has far more weight than any marketing copy you can write. So having a way to achieve a steady stream of testimonials … Read More

How ReviewsMANAGER works

How ReviewsMANAGER works

ReviewsMANAGER is an online system that make it easy for you to obtain feedback from your customers and publish testimonials on your website. To see exactly how it works you’ll need to watch this video – but here’s the process at a … Read More

give your silent sales force a voice

Give your silent sales force a voice

There’s someone out there who’s your very best sales person. In fact, there’s probably dozens and dozens of them. The good news is you don’t need to pay them. You don’t need to manage them. All you need to do … Read More

Rich snippets

Enhanced search engine results with rich snippets

You’ll no doubt have noticed that when you research a business online, some of the pages found show additional information in the search results preview. Here’s an example: The result from The Telegraph includes a star rating and indicates that … Read More