ReviewsMANAGER is easy to use

Gathering feedback and publishing reviews has never been easier.

An incredibly powerful marketing tool

What your customers say about you is the ultimate ‘social proof’ that will put you ahead of the competition. Imagine having a page full of real life testimonials like this on your website:

Take control of your online reputation

With ReviewsMANAGER you can easily monitor exactly how your business is performing and stay in control of your online reputation.

Attract more customers

Highly visible testimonials are the ultimate social proof that you care about your customers.

Motivate your team

ReviewsMANAGER encourages your staff to provide the very best service and rewards them with glowing feedback.

No long term commitment

The affordable monthly subscription will pay for itself many times over as you build your online reputation, one review at a time.

Manage Reviews

You have full control of your reviews via your dashboard. All reviews are visible to you and you can modify the settings for which reviews get automatically published on your website based on the feedback rating. You can override this manually for any individual review. You can also specify who should receive email alerts for each new review.

Testimonial Feed

The system will provide the HTML code you need to embed a live feed of your testimonials on your own website. The code adheres to the format for reviews which means that they will show up as ‘rich snippets’ in search engine results. This gives your business more credibility when people search for it online.

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Here's how it works

ReviewsMANAGER is an online system that make it easy for you to obtain feedback from your customers and publish testimonials on your website. Here’s the 8-step process:

With ReviewsMANAGER you're in complete control

Feedback Moderation & Reporting

You have 24/7 access to your dashboard where you can manage which reviews are published on your website.

As part of our premium Managed Service we will proactively check your feedback, moderate all reviews and liaise directly with you if there’s any negative feedback.

You will receive an email alert for each new feedback in real time. You can set positive feedback to be automatically published online – or you can opt to moderate each feedback before it gets published.

This means you’re in full control of what your customers see – and you can liaise privately with any clients who are not fully satisfied.

Send email feedback requests

Upload your customer data (one at a time or in a list) and feedback requests will be automatically sent by email.

Realtime reviews management

All changes made in the dashboard are reflected in real time on your website. You can turn each individual review ‘on’ or ‘off’ at any time.

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