We all know that reviews are the most powerful form of marketing. What others say about your business has far more weight than any marketing copy you can write.

So having a way to achieve a steady stream of testimonials for your business is obviously important.

But few business owners fully understand the full impact of having an automated reviews system like ReviewsMANAGER in place for obtaining customer feedback. There are many other less obvious but equally valuable benefits, some of which go way beyond marketing.

Here are eight of them:

1. It demonstrates to your customers that you care about their experience – they will feel more valued, strengthening their loyalty to your business.

2. You’ll receive constructive suggestions and ideas for improving your customer service.

3. It will alert you to any potential issues in your business so that you can tackle them before they become a real problem.

4. It will uncover aspects of the customer experience that you may take for granted that are highly valued by your customers.

5. Reviews are a fruitful source of words and phrases that should be deployed in your marketing communications, as they will resonate with prospective customers.

6. Positive feedback is a powerful reward mechanism to motivate you and your team. It incentivises everyone in your business to deliver the best possible customer experience.

7. Publishing reviews on your website will help your visibility on search engines, as reviews provide keyword-rich fresh content to your website.

8. Customer testimonials are an asset that boosts the value of your business. McKinsey consultants call it “word-of-mouth equity”.

So there you have it.

The why of obtaining customer feedback really should be a no-brainer. The how can be trickier.

Fortunately there’s a simple solution. Deploying ReviewsMANAGER in your business instantly provides an all-in-one system for collecting customer feedback and selectively publishing testimonials online for your business.

We like to think of it as The Social Proof Engine. And as you can see from our list, it can achieve a great deal more than just that.