There’s someone out there who’s your very best sales person. In fact, there’s probably dozens and dozens of them. The good news is you don’t need to pay them. You don’t need to manage them. All you need to do is make it easy for them to sell your products and services.

Who am I talking about? Your existing customers of course!

Let’s face it, when it comes to marketing your business you can give people all sorts of glossy promotions and promises – but what’s really going to convince someone to do business with you is knowing what your existing customers have to say. There’s simply nothing as powerful as good old word of mouth.

So how about this. What if there were a simple way that you could ‘activate’ your silent sales force? In other words, a way to make it easy for your customers to give you testimonials that could be published on your website for the world to see.

And what if it was clever enough to discern any negative feedback or issues before they have the chance to go public? This would let you manage such scenarios in private, giving you a chance to maximise your customer service.

The answer? Simple. It’s ReviewsMANAGER.

ReviewsMANAGER is an online system that makes it easy for you to gather feedback from your customers.

It sends out smart, branded emails requesting feedback from your customers. As part of that feedback, there’s a unique grading system which enables it to detect poor or negative feedback. Positive feedback gets automatically published on your website with a simple piece of code inserted on your site.

For any non-positive feedback, it alerts you so that you can take whatever steps you deem appropriate. The ReviewsMANAGER system also encourages your customers to post their positive feedback on social networks like Facebook and Google+ Local.

All these testimonials are pure marketing gold dust. Customer testimonials are the single most influential factor when it comes to convincing new prospects that your business is a smart choice. They reduce the risk of making a wrong choice and provide valuable reassurance that you simply couldn’t achieve in any other way.